Emergency Tree Services

We offer free estimates and analysis of your particular situation. Each tree is different, and safety factors will vary depending on location, integrity of tree, proximity to buildings and dwellings, as well as surrounding land features. We will do our best to give you an honest assessment of what you need based on your unique situation. For this reason, we do not regularly do phone estimates. We value your safety as well as our own and will do everything in our power to safely remove or fix your problem tree. Little A’s Tree Service provides complete tree removal and where arbor-healthy, pruning of trees and shrubs. The Company can provide tree clearing, selective removal of trees and shrubs, final cleanup to include chipping of branches and limbs and stump grinding services with a light foot print and removal of all arbor debris.

Little A’s has the proper equipment and professional skills to accomplish all of their client’s arbor needs, including stump removal and final cleanup from the smallest to the largest jobs. What gives us the competitive edge is that The Company will do exactly what is promised with the highest level of integrity without taking any short cuts always carrying all of the appropriate licenses and insurance.”

Our Services

Several business and most all households need ongoing pruning of trees and shrubs and usually do not have the skills or the resources to remove or prune their trees. Often, the trees and shrubs are hard to reach and those that are not in the arbor business usually and naturally do not have the skills to remove trees and shrubs without causing further harm to the property or risk of personal injury! Additionally, there are challenges in removing the over-whelming amount of debris that a tree or shrubs can produce


A’s Tree Service has already responded to natural disasters in the past and is eligible and capable to respond to Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) natural disasters in the region. There is an ever-increasing amount of natural disasters both in frequency and in the amounts of devastation caused. This will remain with us until the end of time as we know it. Little A’s Tree Service has the experience and talent to handle most all tree and debris resulting from natural disasters when necessary.