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At Little A’s Tree Service, our goal is not to simply sell you on a service, but to listen to you and help determine what will best suit your needs. Our goal is to provide you the best solution to accomodate your needs while being sensitive to budget constraints and any other special needs and concerns. In short, our desire is to make you happy!

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Little A’s Tree Service is a fully insured, fully licensed business that has been serving our community for over 21 years. Greg Cover is the owner and main operator of Little A’s Tree Service. Little A’s gets its inspiration from our family of Little A’s, little acorns if you will, –Austin, Andrew, and Adam, who occasionally show up on the job to help out.

Greg Cover maintains a degree in Horticulture and a combined 21+ years in the horticulture and arbor industry, has received several training courses in the arbor industry standards of practice. Little A’s Tree Service personnel are Experienced in operating a variety of light and heavy equipment such as a brush grind (wood chipper), grapple truck, bucket truck, skid loader, excavator equipment, dump truck with professionally trained skills in safety rope knotting and climbing. In addition, experience operating with trees in excess of 110′ in height. Greg maintains a Class A CDL license with double and/triple trailer endorsements.

Our Services

Our Prices Won’t Stump You

We offer free estimates and analysis of your particular situation. Each tree is different, and safety factors will vary depending on location, integrity of tree, proximity to buildings and dwellings, as well as surrounding land features. We will do our best to give you an honest assessment of what you need based on your unique situation. For this reason, we do not regularly do phone estimates. We value your safety as well as our own and will do everything in our power to safely remove or resolve your issues. Little A’s Tree Service provides complete tree removal and where arbor-healthy, pruning of trees and shrubs. The Company can provide tree clearing, selective removal of trees and shrubs, final cleanup to include chipping of branches and limbs and stump grinding services with a light foot print and removal of all arbor debris, leaving you better off than when we arrived.

Little A’s has the proper equipment and professional skills to accomplish all of their client’s arbor needs, including stump removal and final cleanup from the smallest to the largest jobs. What gives us the competitive edge is that The Company will do exactly what is promised with the highest level of integrity without taking any short cuts always carrying all of the appropriate licenses and insurance.”

Tree Removal
  • Dead Trees – A dead tree can be a real problem if not taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Thinning of Trees – A landscape setting may look much better if one or more trees are removed.
  • Dangerous Trees – Anything that could be a hazard to you and your family, your house, cars, out buildings etc.
  • Diseased Trees – It may be better to remove a diseased tree rather than try to nurse it along. Any or all of the above listed can be removed with safety.
  • Ash Trees are an example of a species of trees that has been invaded by an insect, in this case,  the Emerald Ash Borer, that is killing this species of trees and typically must be removed.

A dying or dead tree can cause harm to structures, fences and power lines or be a nuisance by over shading, not to mention a safety issue and risk of falling on humans, animals or property. Little A’s Tree Service is an excellent choice for the professional arbor management and when necessary, the tree removal.

Tree Trimming / Pruning

We offer Dead-wooding, Crown and Canopy Thinning, Crown and Canopy Lifting, Vista Pruning, Crown Reduction, and more! Not sure what all these terms mean? No problem! Let us explain them to you, discuss it, and then do what will be best for your tree! In our pruning, we endeavor to preserve the natural beauty of the tree, while still resolving issues that the tree over-growth may cause.

Stump Removal

Whether you have existing stumps or stumps from a recent removal from us or someone else, we can remove it for you. It is important to note that all wood chips and saw dust from a stump grinding process needs to be completely removed so that top soil, grass seed and straw may be added to grow grass where the stump was. If the saw dust was to remain, it would take a very long time to decompose for grass to be able to grow it that area.

Emergency Tree Services

Little A’s Tree Service has already responded to natural disasters in the past and is eligible and capable to respond to Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) natural disasters in the region. There is an ever-increasing amount of natural disasters both in frequency and in the amounts of devastation caused. This will remain with us until the end of time as we know it. Little A’s Tree Service has the experience and talent to handle all tree and debris resulting from natural disasters when necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Care, Affordable Prices

We will competitively price our services and shall offer the complete removal of debris and cleanup. For safety and efficiency, customers are better off by hiring an outstanding and professional company like Little A’s Tree Service to perform the quality work in the first place, with all of the credentials such as Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation and all Liability Coverages to ensure a worry-free Arbor Service for our customers!

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A Tree Service You Can Count On

We can work on tree projects both large and small with precision, safety, and efficiency.

Your satisfaction is our main priority.

At Little A’s Tree Service, our goal is not to simply sell you on a service, but to listen to you and help determine what will best suit your needs Trees add beauty, shade, enjoyment and much more to our lives, so whether you need pruning, a complete removal, stump grinding, or any other service required in the arbor industry we can help you and do it very well, that is why our customers say.

Ruby M. Wilder Client

" Thanks so much Greg for your compassion, generosity and commitment to God! May you and your family be blessed and may God bless your business! From my whole Family Thank You Very Much! Goes to show that in this world full of evil and hate there still are good, honest people! "

Arnold & Veronica Hensley Client

" Little A’s Tree Service did an awesome job in cutting our 3 huge trees and taking out the stumps. The owner Greg Cover showed up on time and did the job that he promised and cleaned up nicely after they were finished. We would highly recommend their services. "

Philip M. Client

" Little A’s Tree Service responded immediately to an emergency down tree on mine and a neighbor’s property and scheduled within 3 days the removal of a 70+ foot tree that was down on a building and on top of other personal property, including a antique vehicle and their fence causing much damage. He showed up as promised and safely removed the tree without any further harm, including removing all debris, pleasing both my neighbor and myself on excellent work. I would recommend Little A’s Tree Service without qualification, wonderful company!!! "

Billy & Jennifer T Client

" This company is amazing! Little A’s does exactly what they promise and arrive when they promise to perform their work. They are caring people and really know what they are doing and are a company I would highly recommend! "

Ivan C. Client

" These professional people have the knowledge to safely remove unwanted and dangerous trees. Little A’s Tree Service has the equipment and the know how to do the job and do what they promise and arrive when they promise to perform their work. I am very happy with the wonderful job they did for me. "

Gary C. Client

" I am quite pleased with the work performed on my farm. There were several trees that were a threat to my home and fence line and Little A’s Tree Service did a remarkable job in safely removing the trees. They are very professional and do what they say they are going to do and showed up on time! I am satisfied with all of the work performed and would only want to use their services for this type of work! "

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